8/14: This site is in development. Feel free to use it as the formatting is being worked on and the rest of the states stations are being added which should complete by this time next month. Do not, though, add any direct station links yet until this notice is updated as the final links to stations will be changed.
About ProTides.com

Originally this sites content was designed for the anglers on WashingtonFlyFishing.com. Fly fishers who target the salt from the beach key in on tidal strength in some locations (stirs up the food more), which can be measured by the difference between the high & low tides, duration, etc. Pay attention to the tabs above the default calendar month view for the text view tab, and there note the height difference column, if you're in the need for that sort of info.

From there, feedback from anglers throughout the US, beachcomers, those going after shell fish, scuba divers, surfers and many others tossed enough requests that I started ProTides.com to park all the states tide prediction info under.

As for ProTides.com, "Pro" was the closest I could come to a simple "tides", everything else close and obvious was taken so protides.com was good enough.

ProTides.com is based off xTides and NOAA data but expands on the functionality with custom PHP and MySQL. It's design is for full month graphical and tabular calendar views by default and is built for clean printing and easy website integration.

Strong note.The formula used for tide prediction should NOT be considered worthy of navigation. In other words, if you need to count on this info with your life you need to go to the NOAA tide forecast which takes current weather into account, among other things.

The website directory linked to throughout the site is for link trade only. In other words, if your website has a page with direct station links, displays the station links in a frame, or simply links to the main site or one of the State pages, and I feel your site has something to offer content wise beyond being advertising generator only, you will be listed.

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Note to web admin's (about Pro Tides)
  1. If you have a website, of course you can simply link to ProTides.com or any of it's state / region specific station list pages.
  2. If you wish to have a page of your own with the direct links to the ProTides.com station pages on your site, copy the links as I have them listed so your don't have to rebuild them from scratch and then modify to suit your needs with regards to CSS, etc.
  3. I have designed the station prediction pages purposely without a top header over the calendar so if you choose to display the ProTides.com station pages as a frame with your header at top it should fit in nicely.
  4. Script licensing is available. Request for more info.
  5. No copying or hotlinking to the images please.
  6. No print for distrubution unless requested / approved by ProTides.com